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About yourself:

1. Name: Candice Christina Sapphire

2. Age: 23

3. Gender: Female

4. Would you prefer to be stamped as a specific gender? Doesn’t really matter to me.

5. What is your Career? If you don’t have one, what is it that you would prefer to do career-wise with your life? I’m a graphic designer with an alongside hidden career that I cannot divulge to the general public. If I could choose a career, however, I’d want to be an astronomer.

6. What is your favorite moment/memory from your childhood? Why? The time I won my state’s district long-jump championship at 16 and went to state. Most of my happier memories are related to my past as a star-athlete in soccer, basketball, and especially track.

7. What do you do in a typical GOOD day? As in currently? There’s really so such thing. I suppose ‘actually getting out of the house’, since several weeks ago on the night before my birthday, I fell two stories and ended up in a wheelchair. (Though truth be told, I was delusional and somewhat intoxicated at the time, so think I thought I'd be able to fly off the roof or something...). I messed-up my ankles and feet big time, and was told I’d be lucky if I’d be able to walk a year from now. For now, my ‘typical’ good days are constricted to fanworking, cigarettes, and Oxycontin. Oh, and no fights with my predominately nutso family.

8. What happens to you in a typical BAD day? I get arrested or institutionalized, a-gain. (No kidding). I’ve been arrested multiple times for self-destructive behaviour, bar-brawl type incidents, and assaulting officers of the law (and, even, for trying to kill family members). I have been diagnosed as a sociopath with paranoid schizophrenia, thus, I am considered to be clinically psychotic. I probably take more pride in it than shame, however.

9. How do you respond under pressure? In the opinions of others, I respond with a ‘cool, smooth’ attitude that only further highlights my arrogance. There have been times, though, where I have become extremely violent.

10. What is your favorite movie? Least favorite? Favourite: “A Nightmare on Elm Street” (the entire series. I adore horror movies.) Least Favourite: “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle” (or any other similar, plotless ‘comedies’ that attract stereotypical bean-bag hippies who probably only enjoy the movie because the bong’s blocking their view of the screen.)

11. What is your favorite book? Fictional, I suppose “The Once and Future King”. In all honesty, however, I prefer reading about factual things and theories concerning topics such as psychology and dark biographies because I enjoy learning about what makes different people tick. Normal is boring.

12. How do you like to spend your free time (other than sitting behind a computer?) ...Sitting behind a computer. But, seriously, concerning non-computer related activities, I would suppose exercising at 24 Hour Fitness, spending insane amounts of money at Fry’s Electronic or Best Buy, driving around in my car listening to my iPod, and playing God.

13. Who (whether in fiction, real life, across time etc) do you admire and respect the most? Why? Probably Aristotle. I love his quotes and theories about people and the universe.

14. What is your biggest fear? Being locked-up. I HATE being locked-up. (Look back to the mental institution thing and such.) I swear, every time I GET locked-up, I only emerge even crazier than I was before each time... Also death, I guess. I never really think twice about other people’s deaths, but when it comes to my own, well, I’d probably rather live forever. The Apocalypse would be interesting to witness, anyways. (Though, I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw it in my lifetime.)

15. What is your favorite lyric/quote? “Some of the worst things imaginable are done with the best intentions.” – Dr. Grant

About Heroes:

16. Who is your favorite character on Heroes, and why? Angela Petrelli. I don’t know, there’s just something about her I really like. She’s poised, composed, elegant, and at the same time, her true intentions are never quite crystal clear. This always leaves her motives open to debate, and really makes you stop and take a second to think. She can be very mysterious and manipulative, and I love that in characters. If she were my age, hell, I would totally go for her. *laughs*...

17. Who is your least favorite character on Heroes and why? Mohinder Suresh. I never liked him much to begin with because despite his often-positive impact on the plot of the series, his overall-character itself just plain bores me. (I know there’s probably more depth to him, I just can’t see it.) He also seems like he's 'just getting in the way' of things at times.

18. Which character can you relate to the most? Hmm... that’s a tough one. I guess could say Adam Monroe, because in a way, I do feel like I’ve literally seen it all, and can understand why he wanted to release the virus. I do feel like the best part of my life is in the past and that things can only get worse from here on out. So, I’m striving for practically any way to make it so that I can reverse the mundane cycle and somehow put my idea of my perfect world ahead of me. Also, I can relate to Sylar, because I go by different names varying between my real name and pseudonyms depending on ‘who I feel like I am’ at the moment, and because I’m plagued by a need to ‘understand’ others and what’s going on in those heads of theirs. Also like Adam and Sylar, I know what it is like to be locked-up and ‘studied’, and I most definitely do not like it. I can also kind of relate to Arthur Petrelli, Angela Petrelli, and Maury Parkman.

19. If you could pick any one from the show to go on a dinner date with, who would it be and what would you do? What would you ask them? Well, take the word ‘date’ out of there and I would definitely say Angela, but, she’s a little old for me. :P Were it just dinner, I’d still want to have a few glasses of wine with her and ask her about how Arthur ended up the way he is now, and if she really did the terrible thing to Gabriel that Arthur said she did. Of course, I would also want to talk to her about precognitive dreams.

20. If you could have any super power what would it be (it does not have to be used in “Heroes”)? Well, my auto-response to this question is telekinesis, because I have always wanted that ability ever since I first saw “Carrie” as a child (and I do admit to having tried to move thing with my mind before), though considering my current ailed physical state, cellular regeneration looks mighty tasty, too. Truth be told, however, were I to live in a world like “Heroes” or the “X-Men” where there were many others who possessed abilities, I would probably not be satisfied with just one unless I were as powerful as the Dark Phoenix.

21. If you had a super power would you try to ignore it? Use it for personal gain? Use it to help others? Well, I definitely would not ignore it, I’d be proud of it, though as I am rather sadistic I have a feeling I would ultimately end up using it to purposely hurt those who stand in my way or those who I hold a grudge against. In the end, personal gain more than likely, though I may help someone once in awhile were it someone I actually cared about.

22. Who is your ultimate favorite super hero from any show/comic/cartoon/film? As many people have said in their applications here already, I also normally go for the villains or the characters with unclear motives as opposed to the designated ‘super hero’ of the series. My favourite comic book series is ‘X-Men’, and my favourite character would have to be Magneto. If I had to pick a favourite ‘hero’ from the series, however, I would say Jean Grey.

23. As a super hero how would you react to your identity becoming public knowledge? I’d try not to panic, and find a way to get out of it. (Such as, Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, and Peter Parker have faced this problem multiple times and always find a way to make it appear like the ‘exposed hero’ is not really them by any means necessary.) If I had a team like the Justice League on my side, I’d ask for their help in setting-up a stunt-double for me or something to pretend to be me to the public while I was meanwhile somewhere else. Hopefully it would work and clear my name, though there would always be those left with a sense of suspicion (especially anyone who was against me), so I would have to target those people and keep a closer eye on them since they would be doing the same to me.

24. What is your weakness (because every hero has one!)? I’m very arrogant and self-absorbed, so I don’t really listen to advice from anyone. Even if seems like potentially good advice and I know I should listen, I often ignore it just to appear to like I don’t need anyone but myself. If a person seems more like they’re ‘ordering’ me to do something than give me advice, I get worse, and often do the exact opposite of what it had been suggested I do. I’m also very obsessive and tend to act like ‘the world revolves around me’, and when people tell me it doesn’t, I say ‘well my world does revolve around me’. There’s also the speculation that I am, well, crazy, but considering some of the stuff I’ve seen in some of the places I’ve been, I must say that I have seen much worse. Also, I have no respect for the law, and can be very uptight/anxious even if I don’t show it.

25. Please share at least 2 pictures of your self, or write a brief description of your appearance if you are uncomfortable or unable to post a photo.

26. Is there anything else you would like to add? They have waffles! ;) And please don’t toss me a vote for a character that’s based solely on what I look like.

Also, on the chance that I get voted as a character there's currently no stamp for, I will gladly make one myself to match the others and share it with the community if that's what happens.
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