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Tressa Calavera


About yourself:

1. Name: Tressa
2. Age: 21
3. Gender: Female
4. Would you prefer to be stamped as a specific gender? Doesn't matter.
5. What is your Career? If you don't have one, what is it that you would prefer to do career-wise with your life? I'm a university student double-majoring in political science and criminology. I'm hoping to go to law school to become a labour lawyer. Labour law is my ideal career choice because it allows me to combine my love of helping people with my love of hurting people. :P
6. What is your favorite moment/memory from your childhood? Why? When I was little, whenever my mom needed some downtime, my dad used to take me to 7-11 where we would drink Slurpees and play whatever crazy early 1990s arcade game they had trucked in that month. (I still feel a tug of nostalgia at my heart every time someone references Street Fighter II.) This is my favourite memory because my relationship with my dad is fairly complex so I like to remember the simpler times, but I do love him very much – after all, what other father would tell his daughter that he wants her to grow up to be "as determined as the Unabomber?"
7. What do you do in a typical GOOD day? I sleep in because I don't have any school, I laze around for most of the day, and at the end of the night I go out pub-hopping with friends.
8. What happens to you in a typical BAD day? I have to sit through a ridiculous amount of classes, including my dreaded stats class, and it's perpetually cold and dark outside because I live in Canada.
9. How do you respond under pressure? It depends. I really like to be in control of situations, and I do like a challenge, so I often enjoy the thrill of being under pressure and getting the opportunity to show off my skills or catch a competitor off-guard. However, I get really frustrated if something is beyond my abilities, e.g. the stats course I have to take right now.
10. What is your favorite movie? Least favorite? My favourite movie is Return of the Living Dead, a campy 1980s film where a bunch of over-the-top punk rockers have to fight zombies. My least favourite is any kind of girly romantic comedy.
11. What is your favorite book? The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky. Such a delightful tale of murder, insanity, and beautiful philosophical overtones!
12. How do you like to spend your free time (other than sitting behind a computer?) My absolute favourite thing in the world is to go on little adventures. I like to pile in the car with a bunch of friends and do something satisfyingly random. When I'm on my own, I like to read (I'm particularly into political and historical non-fiction) and watch trashy horror and kung-fu b-movies.
13. Who (whether in fiction, real life, across time etc) do you admire and respect the most? Why? I think it would have to be Pierre Trudeau. He wasn't a perfect Prime Minister, but he made a lot of courageous foreign policy decisions, gave Canada the Charter of Rights and Freedoms which indirectly led to me being able to get married someday, and wasn't afraid to swear or break into a little dance.
14. What is your biggest fear? Ghosts. I know, it's sad, because I'm a total atheist and don't actually believe in them...but I fucking hate ghosts.
15. What is your favorite lyric/quote? "You can be a hero in an age of none!" –The Clash, "Tommy Gun" (I guess appropriate for this show!)

About Heroes:

16. Who is your favorite character on Heroes, and why? Definitely Elle, because she was both adorable and a total badass.
17. Who is your least favorite character on Heroes and why? Niki/Jessica/Tracy/whatever the hell. I've just always found her really boring and I zone out during her storylines.
18. Which character can you relate to the most? This is going to sound like a ridiculously surreal combo, but I feel like a cross between Hiro and Sylar. I'm as dopey and affectionate as Hiro, but I also have Sylar's obsessive drive to be the best at everything I do and crush people who get in my way just for fun.
19. If you could pick any one from the show to go on a dinner date with, who would it be and what would you do? What would you ask them? I'd take Matt out to this really delicious Chinese food place in the city, and ask him if he could use his turtle to point me in the direction of my one true love the way it did for him. ;)
20. If you could have any super power what would it be (it does not have to be used in "Heroes")? The ability to raise an army of zombies to attack my opponents.
21. If you had a super power would you try to ignore it? Use it for personal gain? Use it to help others? I'm not going to lie, I would start out using it to get ahead (by which I mean I'd probably use it to try to impress the ladies), but after a while I'd feel a tug of guilt and start trying to help others.
22. Who is your ultimate favorite super hero from any show/comic/cartoon/film? Does Bruce Lee count?
23. As a super hero how would you react to your identity becoming public knowledge? I wouldn't like it...I wouldn't want to become a public figure to begin with because I don't want people knowing about my "sketchy side", let alone if I was a superhero.
24. What is your weakness (because every hero has one!)? A love of procrastination.
25. Please share at least 2 pictures of your self, or write a brief description of your appearance if you are uncomfortable or unable to post a photo.

26. Is there anything else you would like to add? My name, Tressa, means "the reaper." It was given to me by my father when I was born, because they thought I might die shortly after birth. However, not only was I born healthy, I actually reached up and snapped the doctor's mask, which the doctor said basically never happens because newborn babies are so out of it. My dad wanted me to have a very bold name to reflect my entry into the world. My whole life, I have been working to live up to the expectations of such a title. Oh yeah, and they have waffles!
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