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Heroes Stamping Community

Get Stamped as a character from this TV show!

"Heroes" character stamping
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hiros_stamping is a community where you can fill out an application to be voted and then stamped as one of the characters from the hit NBC television show: Heroes. This community can also be a place for discussing the show’s progress, where members can discuss theories, ask questions or just ramble about the episodes! The name of this community is not spelled wrong, but is a reference to the character Hiro (the one who can manipulate time!)

1.Read all of the rules before applying, posting, and before voting!!!

2.Be Nice! If you are courteous and nice than you’ll have nothing to worry about! (that means no swearing!)If you are not, you’ll have to deal with the moderators, (think of us as bouncers!) We do not like drama and most lj-ers don’t like it either. So let’s just avoid it and be happy fans.

3.When applying please answer in full complete sentences, with at least 1 full sentence per answer. However, to answer many (if not all) you will probably need to use more than one sentence. Use proper English/grammer, this means NO NET SPEEK. ELABORATION is also your friend! In the last question please include the words “Hiro is my friend.” OR "They have Waffles!" (Which was what Hiro shouted in excitment when stranded at the diner in the desert) this will show that you read the rules. Also be sure to double check your html.

4. Do Not push to be a specific character. There's no point in it, and we can choose to not stamp you for obvious pushing.

5.Applications will be stamped after 3 votes to the same character. You may have more than 3 votes, but if they are all different characters the moderators must wait. In sticky situations the mods will vote too. (i.e. , if you’ve been waiting forever and not yet been stamped) As the community may grow, we will increase the number necessary for stamping. Vote if you want to be stamped.

6.Do NOT make your application post friends-only. (Should be readable to ALL.)

7.The title of each application should say “Application” in it.

8.You can vote on other applications before you are stamped! WE ENCOURAGE IT! When voting please put your vote in the subject line of the comment.

9.If you were stamped, but are unhappy and really want to be re-stamped: Put the name of who you've been stamped as in the subject line as well as "Re-applying." example, if I were doing it it'd say this: Mohinder Re-Applying As a voter, please do not vote for whom they were already stamped as. As an applicant I suggest editing your old applicaiton, or starting from scratch as we humans all change over time, and editing it may help increase your chances of getting stamped as some one different (not a rule, just a suggestion.)

10. As a voter, if you see an application that does not give off enough personality, seems to lack elaboration, or is just too short, feel free to vote them as The Haitian. If one is stamped as The Haitian (oh so quiet he is!) You may have 1 chance to re-apply, but you must elaborate more on the re-applied applicatoin. (see rule 9 for reapplying tips!)

*Don't know who to stamp people as? Check out the Stamps Post!*

Copy and paste into the body of your entry and fill it out!

9. All discussion posts that you make must be friends only. (helps to keep stright from the applications)

10. The title of the post should say something like “Discussion post:” followed by your topic. This will help to weed out the discussions from the applications. Feel free to sign your posts with your name and the name of the character you were stamped as.

11. ANY ONE can participate in discussion posts. GO FOR IT! HAVE FUN!

Do not be afraid to ask questions! The Question Post is HERE!
Stamps/Character list is HERE!
The moderators are: (chickenwiretire) and caesaria.

Have a nice day, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!!!!

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